Wear your embroidered badges the professional way, like the squadrons do, making them instantly detachable either to launder the garment, or to change the badge…with genuine Velcro®Brand Fasteners. Sew the hook side to the back of the badge, and the loop side to the garment. You can then ‘stick’ the badge firmly to your jacket, flying suit etc. but easily peel it off again to remove it. Where it is not feasible to stitch Velcro®Brand Fasteners, ie: to a leather jacket, we can supply black only in adhesive backed. The adhesive will not stand laundering. Our Velcro®Brand Fasteners is 95mm wide, thus accommodating most badges without needing a join We do Black, White or Nato green for £1.70p per 30cms of EITHER side. Self-adhesive in black only at £2.00p per 30cms of EITHER side. Postage on any quantity £2.00 UK (£3.00 outside UK) If you order Velcro®Brand Fasteners at the same time as some badges, then the postage will be covered by the badge postage.
Please order by reference number: Green hook= GH. Green loop= GL. Black hook= BH. Black loop= BL. White hook= WH. White loop= WL. Black adhesive hook= BAH. Black adhesive loop= BAL and remember to order the side that you want, Hook or Loop or both. Note, when stitching Velcro®Brand Fasteners to the back of a badge, first put a very tiny smear of glue in the centre of the badge or a piece of double sided tape. This will not only keep the badge positioned on the Velcro®Brand Fasteners whilst being machined, but also stops the badge from ‘ballooning’ out in the centre in use. Self-adhesive Velcro®Brand Fasteners has many uses besides sticking badges! You can use it to secure anything that you want to remove and replace easily and quickly, from pen to notepad, microphone to dashboard even carpet to floor. There are hundreds of uses around the home, office or in the car or aircraft, but remember the adhesive on the self-adhesive Velcro®Brand Fasteners will deteriorate after time in direct sunlight and when fixed to soft polypropylene type plastic.